Antique furniture is very recyclable. No matter how bad the state, don’t dismiss it as unrepairable. I, Regi Romeny, am dedicated to the highest quality craftsmanship and customer service, specializing in all types of traditional furniture and antique restoration. Many customers turn to me to simply tidy up the years of family wear and tear on dining tables,chairs, coffeetables and side tables.

For several years I worked in the workshop of a skilled and experienced furniture restorer. Attending courses Traditional Furniture Finishing at Westdean College, Sussex, and Little Surrenden Workshops, Kent, provided a solid basis of the practice and theory of the restoration of antique furniture. Now, in 2016, I have been able to add more then 20 years of experience to this basic knowledge and I hope to continue my craftsmanship for many more years in my workshop in Amsterdam.

I am member of Restauratoren Nederland (The Dutch Antique Furniture Restorers’ Association) and accredited member of Restauratoren Register.