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Is your antique or vintage furniture losing its charm due to years of family wear and tear? Has your furniture experienced unavoidable damage due to flood, transit or fire?

Whatever it is, Romeny Restaureert provides you with reliable and cost-effective furniture repair and restoration services. A full range of work is undertaken, including work on the construction, veneer, upholstery and finish (wax, French polishing, lacquer).

We use traditional materials and methods, because we understand the importance of keeping your antique furniture original. It not only helps to hold your furniture’s value but also keeps the restoration costs to a minimum. Please contact us for an advice or quotation on antique furniture restoration and -repair in the Amsterdam area.

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J-W van H. Dep. Director Furniture Sotheby’s – Amsterdam

I want to thank you for your accurate and precise restoration and, above all, very fast service. You've helped us a lot with that.